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‘Girl, Unhinged’….coming soon…..

Very excited to share with you the book cover design for the next book, ‘Girl, Unhinged’, the sequel to ‘Girl, Conflicted’, due to be released in July…… The first book in the series, ‘Girl, Conflicted’ is still free to download from Smashwords on the following link

Damned tequila!….

Dear Diary, I thought my tumultuous life couldn’t get any more complicated but it turns out that that’s a very dangerous presumption to make. Jenny and Lola’s night of drinking and dancing was supposed to take my mind of recent things, such as my failed relationship. Well it definitely did that. Mission accomplished! I remember…

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Did I really just see that?

Dear Diary, Oh my god! I’ve been scarred for life! Having been so excited to see Simon on my return from New York I decided to call in and surprise him. He was out so I used the spare key he had given me for emergencies (well it was an emergency as I saw it…

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