Okay, so he didn’t propose…

Girl Conflicted

Dear Diary,

Tonight has to be the most humiliating experience of my life, and that’s no easy feat – there’s been a lot of contenders.

So Chris didn’t propose. He didn’t even come close. In fact, tonight’s elaborate dinner reservation was the setting of the end of our relationship. No “Will you marry me?” just simply “Its run its course”. I mean really, is that how you dump someone nowadays???

I hate men! No, that’s a lie, I just hate one in particular.

Chris thought I wouldn’t make a scene as he sat there looking pathetic. What an idiot!

Or am I the idiot?? I don’t want to think too carefully about the answer to that question at this moment in time.

And the worst thing about the evening was I didn’t even get to eat the lovely chocolate soufflé which looked to die for…

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