New York, New York…

Girl Conflicted

Dear Diary,

So my mum’s suggestion to visit her in New York turns out to be just what I need. Being in the fresh air strolling around Central Park with a Latte made me forget about Chris; temporarily at least.

Although a little freaked out here. While shopping in Bloomingdales a “work colleague” of mum’s appeared while I was in the changing rooms trying on clothes and I caught mum – I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but, giggling and clearly flirting with him. I accept that my mum and dad have separate lives and have done for years – it’s not that. It’s more the uncomfortable feeling when you catch your mum with a man in a private moment together and they jump apart looking nervous.

It’s not that she has “male friends” (although I’m not totally comfortable with that realisation) it’s more the shock of finding myself in a “disapproving parental role” questioning her intentions with this man the moment he’s out of ear shot.

I mean, when did I become the responsible one and when did we do a role reversal??? Is there an age when this happens or is it just by pure chance? Should I perhaps feel smug to be the one on the moral high ground? – No it’s just weird. I need to cleanse the image of mum flirting from my mind. If we don’t talk about it: it didn’t happen. Right?

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