Damned tequila!….

Girl Conflicted

Dear Diary,

I thought my tumultuous life couldn’t get any more complicated but it turns out that that’s a very dangerous presumption to make. Jenny and Lola’s night of drinking and dancing was supposed to take my mind of recent things, such as my failed relationship. Well it definitely did that. Mission accomplished!

I remember downing far too many shots of tequila. That was my first mistake.

This morning I woke to find myself in a strange apartment in bed with a strange guy, admittedly a hot guy, but still a guy that I had only just met last night. So now I can add “one night stand” to my list of unexpected emotional experiences.

I remember giving him a fake name and making up some rubbish about me being a lawyer to impress him which was stupid (I’m hanging my head at the shame of it as I write this diary entry). I was so drunk that I have no idea if we even swapped telephone numbers so I don’t know if I’ll see him again, or even if there was any intention for us to do so.

Perhaps that’s for the best as my crazy life needs no further ingredients for mayhem at present.

I blame Jenny and Lola. No, I take that back – I blame that damned tequila!

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